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workstation   Cubase 9 PRO  
computer   Intel i5 - 16Gb RAM - SSD - Windows 64 bit  
mixer   Tascam DM-24 digital Sidebar Library icon
    High quality Dynamics and EQs on all 32 channels  
speakers   (main) - Genelec 1030A  
    (aux) - Genelec 1030 (old school)  
subwoofer   M-audio BX10S  
preamp   Universal audio 610 (tube) cloud download
    Mindprint (tube)  
compressor   Universal audio 1176LN cloud download
effects   Lexicon 300 Sidebar Library icon
    Lexicon LXP-15-II  
    Ensoniq DP2 Sidebar Library icon
DSP card   UAD2 quad Sidebar Library icon
DSP effects   Urei 1176LN compressor cloud download
    Cambridge EQ  
    Cooper time cube delay  
    Fatso tube saturation & tape simulator  
    EMT-250 reverb  
    Precision De-esser  
    LA2A compressor - limiter  
    Pultec EQ  
    Realverb Pro  
    Precision Limiter  
    Precision Enhancer kHz  
    Voice of God  
    Roland Dimension D  
microphones   Neumann TLM-170  
    Rode K2 (tube)  
    Rode NT1A  
    Shure SM57  
    AKG C-451  
    AKG C-535  
MIDI patchbay   Roland A-880  
synthesizers   Yamaha studio 88 piano keys  
    Korg Wavestation A/D  
headphones amp   Samson S-phone Sidebar Library icon
patchbay   Samson S-Patch  
electric guitar   PRS Carlos Santana signature  
acoustic guitar   Taylor  
guitar amp   Line 6 pod simulation  
    Ensoniq DP2 simulation  
    Musicman RD-50 valve 10"  


Lexicon 300 Digital Effects Processor



Universal Audio 6176 channel strip



UAD-2 DSP plugins








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mod cdmod tvmod demomod photo